A common cause of fires in the kitchen is that grease and oil cathes fire. MAUS extinguishes fires in grease and cooking oil. With a MAUS next to the pepper mill you will always be able to put out a fire quickly. Do you know where you have your fire extinguisher? And do you know if it's made to fight fires in grease and cooking oil? For every 14 seconds the fire will double in size and if you have curtains or other items that can catch fire easily in your kitchen you have to act fast.  MAUS only an armslength away is your answer.


Together with the cars owners manual  you can easily fit the MAUS Xtin Klein in the glove compartment. You and your passengers will always have a protection close at hand. You can feel much safer just knowing that if something happens you can just take out the extinguisher and fight any fire that occurs inside or outside the car. Today there are so many vehicles that are not equipped with a fire extinguisher due to the size of conventional fire extinguishers, but with MAUS Xtin Klein you just put it in your glove compartment and feel safe that if something happens you will be protected. NOTE! Never use a MAUS Xtin Klein in a moving vehicle as the potassium smoke will make the  it more difficult to navigate. 


Let MAUS rest in the boat next to your charts and your mobile phone and you will never be far from a quick remedy in case of fire on board the boat . Avoid damaging your engine with powder or foam from a conventional fire extinguisher - boating season is too short for that. MAUS is approved by RINA who have classified and certified ships since 1861. Examples of possible fire hazars on board : portabel stove, electric equipment, LPG, gasoline, diesel , engines, cooking fire (see Kitchen ) .


No matter if you are on a business trip or hiking you can easily fit your MAUS Xtin Klein in your computer bag och back pack. 


In an office environment with computers it can be devestating to extinguish a fire with powder or foam. Use MAUS first and you can continue your work directly after fighting the fire. It wont even harm the hard drives.


Finally there is a fire protection for motorcycles. It's so small that it fits in the luggage compartment of the motorcycle without taking up any space. Be safe on the road and don't destroy your bike in case of a fire - if you dont really have to.

camping / hiking

Weather you are camping or on a hike. There are dangers that MAUS can easily make fell less dangerous. MAUS extinguishes all types of fires - burning fat, burning liquids, gas fires, electric fires etc. 

restaurant / bar

”Approximately half of all fires in restuarants and hotels starts in the kitchen. Often the reason is burning fat and cooking oil. You should replace your carbon dioxide fire extinguishers with a fire extinguisher that can extinguish cooking fat and cooking oil fires. "


You can easily put the MAUS Xtin Klein in your glove compartment - without removing the cars instruction manual. MAUS Xtin Klein can extinguish any small fire. It wont leave any residues and it will save you a lot of time and money and make you feel much safer on the road. You will destroy anything with a powder extinguisher (engine, interior and electronics). So always remember to use MAUS First!


Approved by the Italian boat and vessel certification organ Rina MAUS can be the difference between you going back to the harbor by yourself or having to be toad back in cas of a fire.  Here are som examples of fires that can accur onboard: Spirit Stove fires, gas fires,electronic gear fires, burning fuel etc.  So invest in MAUS now - it might be too late tomorrow.


A common reason for kitchen fires is cooking fat and cooking oil. With MAUS next to the pepper mill you can avoid any disaster in the kitchen.


There are so many dangerous places in a school environment. You have the labs and you have the maintenance work. You also have fires in trash cans that can be devestating. Equip your janitor with MAUS Xtin Klein and he will keep himself and the school a bit safer.